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The Annual Staff Seurity conference was successfully held
In the morning of 08:30 am July 28,2011,President Mr.Gu and General Manager Mr.Gu attended the conference and express their important instruction. Before the conference started, the vice general manager in charge of security made a 5-minute safety training combining with concrete examples of safety accidents happened this year to all the staffs in order to improve the safety & prevention and self-protection awareness.
At the conference, General Manager Mr.Gu pointed out several requirements for safety as below:
First, setting up full time safety management department and personnel, part-time security supervisor should play a role ,improve responsibility consciousness;
Second, building and improving safety system, to be sure that safety management can be operated.
Third, to train all the staffs after the systems set up, guaranteeing the effectiveness of training in order to improve safety protection and awareness.
Chairman pointed out as recently a series of accidents happened ,that was as a result of ranks of cadre's lack of awareness of safety ,and the fail of carrying out of security pre-caution. We should prevent the fire before burning, sound the alarm bell in order to put an end to safety accidents actually.